Maple chair and Mannequin barstools in Popardowa, Poland


See the use of Maple chairs and Mannequin barstools in the house of a couple of architects in Popardowa.

The body of the building on the hill is "long like a dachshund", laughs Marysia. In order to put it on the top of the hill, they had to dig up almost the entire plot. But they succeeded - a spacious, comfortable, modern house illuminated by natural light was created - exactly as they dreamed and how they designed. The ground floor is a maximally open space lounge area, in the center of which there is a fireplace cubicle, a dining area and kitchen. It is here, on the huge white kitchen island, that family life mainly takes place. The entire level of the ground floor is kept in soft, bright colors with strong yellow, red and blue furniture accents.

The first floor, accessible via light stairs, as if suspended in the air on thin black lines, is a phenomenal bedroom and children's rooms and their playroom. The bedroom is breathtakingly glazed, a window overlooking the east, the entire Kamionka valley, and in good weather - the roofs and church towers of Nowy Sącz. The room is connected with a spacious bathroom. The bathtub was embedded in the floor - it is easier to admire the views this way - emphasize the owners. The interior space is additionally enlarged by an XL mirror as if casually leaning against the wall.

The modern furnishings of the house harmonize perfectly with the contemporary shape of the building itself. The eyes are drawn to the great furniture of the Iker brand from Nowy Sącz. This is the house's favorite blue armchair - "Oldchool", round tables-helpers "Zig Zag" set next to the gray, maximally comfortable Q-big sofa, Maple chairs and "Mannequin" chairs and barstools (by WartelOberfell) in the kitchen. The ingenious bookcase, which is the background for the table in the dining annex, was designed by the owners themselves. Some of the walls (also behind the bookshelf) have been painted with a special blackboard paint, which encourages kids to enjoy creative activities.

To see the Zig-Zag tables CLICK HERE

To see the Zig-Zag tables CLICK HERE

To see the Mannequin 01 chairs CLICK HERE

To see the Mannequin 01 Barstools CLICK HERE

To see the Mannequin 02 Barstools CLICK HERE

To see the Maple chairs CLICK HERE

Photos: Michał Skorupski

Text: Aniela Serek

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