Mannequin chairs in a Penthouse in Wilanów


Upholstered Mannequin chairs in a penthouse in Wilanów, Poland

In this interior, modernity meets classics, and tradition goes hand in hand with innovation. The strong character of the dining room is assured by chairs from the Mannequin collection, designed by the German studio WertelOberfell. The Mannequin 03 model with a base made of interestingly bent metal bars is the perfect solution for a modern penthouse interior. The Mannequin chair also provides convenience and extraordinary comfort on a daily basis. In this case, the chair was used in the dining room. The stylish black of the Mannequin chairs was perfectly combined with the table and interior design.

To see Mannequin 03 chairs CLICK HERE

interior design: Katrzyna Mikulska - Sękalska photos: Łukasz Zandecki

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