Mannequin Chair in a cozy dining room


In pastel interiors, the turquoise Mannequin chairs look perfect. They give the interior a Scandinavian style – cozy but simultaneously stylish. 

The Mannequin 01 chair is based on four wooden legs made of beech wood. The comfortable seat is made of plywood covered with a fabric quilted in an original design, which possesses a special easy-cleaning system - Aquaclean.

You can see all the colors of the Mannequin 01 chair HERE

Interior design: Ministerstwo do Spraw we Wnętrzach

Photo: Marcin Konopka

Ministerstwo do Spraw we Wnętrzach is an interior design studio from Poland’s Tri-City, created by a married couple - Magda and Marcin Konopka. "We devote our energy and commitment to smuggling beauty into everyday life. Our goal is to create places where living, eating, working and relaxing have their own special, personal dimension" - add the designers.

See the design studio's website

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